QFF A Director at Intelligent Business Thinking, specializing in employee engagement and organizational culture; now helping small-medium business owners develop employee satisfaction and an inclusive work environment. (Kurt Wilkesmann)

podcast qff May 12, 2023

For this week’s Quick Fire Friday episode, Rob interviews Kurt Wilkesmann, a Director at Intelligent Business Thinking. He was born and educated in Melbourne, Australia. Kurt obtained his degree of Bachelor of Business at Swinburne University of Technology. He’s a successful entrepreneur and has had a variety of businesses. Always having an inherent virtue of helping people, Kurt is now helping small-medium business owners overcome this pandemic of disengagement in the workplace. 

According to Kurt’s research, 90% of business owners recognize that engagement is essential, but fewer than 25% have a plan, and not much of that 25% is executing their plan. Employees are the company's greatest asset; engaged employees are the gears that keep the company machine running smoothly, and without them, it seems impossible for the organization to succeed. Kurt helps small-medium business owners integrate a connection with their employees by teaching them the three components that constitute a miserable job: first, a deep dive into transactional relationships, second, informing them that the work they do helps the organization, and third, commending them for the measured improvement that they’ve shown.

A key takeaway that small-medium business owners can learn from Kurt, is the emphasis on the subject that business owners should realize that meaningful relationships are critical within the company. Relationships and emotions govern rational thought; they’re stronger. It’s the glue that holds the team together. It increases productivity and job satisfaction, but most importantly, it develops a positive company culture.

This Cast Covers: 

  • The significance of employee engagement and organizational culture in the organization.
  • A widespread lack of engagement in the workplace across the globe.
  • People accepting the status quo of workplace disengagement.
  • Business owners increase their awareness regarding their employees.
  • Employees are a company's or organization's most valuable resource.
  • Employees are attracted to an organization because of what it stands for.
  • Managers and business owners need to embody the organization's core values.
  • Emotions are more powerful than rational thought.
  • The three components that compose a miserable job.
  • Developing meaningful relationships and solidarity inside the company.


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“Without good people, it's impossible to be successful.” — Kurt Wilkesmann.

“People join organizations but leave managers.” — Kurt Wilkesmann.

“There are certain key elements that business owners should be aware of.” — Kurt Wilkesmann.

“Emotions are stronger than rational thoughts.” — Kurt Wilkesmann.

“You can't have a team of individuals, each doing their own thing without communication.” — Kurt Wilkesmann.