QFF From qualifying for a job in sales to salesperson of the year. Now sharing with small and medium-sized business owners the essentials in marketing, the goal that business owners should aspire to. To improve their sales performance. (Kay Miller)

podcast qff Nov 10, 2022

For this week’s episode, Rob interviews Kay Miller, based in Greater Seattle Area. Kay has a book called “Uncopyable Sales Secret” and was named salesperson of the year in the automotive muffler industry. A truly well-accomplished woman.

Sales are more of an investigative journey, understanding the customer, and finding out what’s important to them. From her years in the sales industry, Kay helps small-medium business owners by sharing her experience, lessons, and her book that the ideal sale is helping your customer buy. 

Kay said, “They have problems, they have scenarios they're working with, and they have outcomes that they want. And so, I think letting them describe that is helpful.”

This Cast Covers:

  • Marketing and Selling.
  • Experiences of Kay Miller.
  • The definition of the word, marketing.
  • Attracting the best prospects.
  • Helping customers buy.
  • The investigative journey in sales.
  • The importance of discipline in sales.
  • The importance of timely silence in sales.
  • Listening, focusing, and delivering solutions to the customer.


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“Your goal with marketing is to attract the people who are going to be your very best prospects.” — Kay Miller.

“Sales is more of an investigative journey, understanding the customer, and finding out what's important to them before you tell them what you've got because you want to make that the solution to what they need.” — Kay Miller.

“Listening is I feel like it's a discipline.” — Kay Miller.

It's just how you make them feel important when you listen to them.” — Kay Miller.

“One thing that I think salespeople are afraid of, and it takes some getting used to, is letting silence happen.” — Kay Miller.



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