QFF Worked as executive coach with global brands such as Cisco, Pwc, Twitter; now helping small-medium business owners develop leadership that command attention, connect with people, and motivate them into action. (Chris Morsley)

podcast qff Mar 03, 2023

In this week’s QFF episode, Rob interviews Chris Morsley, Managing Partner at CMCGlobal, he’s based in the Greater Sydney Area. Chris was once a professional actor, now an executive coach, specializing in developing leadership performance. He has worked with global brands such as Cisco, PwC, Twitter, and Google to create leaders that you can trust. 

There are three things that every great leader has in common. They have a commanding sense of attention, deeply connect with people, and are good at being persuasive; Chris helps small-medium business owners develop these attributes within them, critical qualities that make a great leader. To build a real winning business that stands on strong relationships and motivated people.

Chris continuously emphasized the importance of connecting deeply with people as a leader or a small-medium business owner. He stated that the best way to connect is through stories, that once in a while you get your people together and let them tell their personal stories with no prejudice and no judgment; stories are actually the way how we connect.

This Cast Covers:

  • Communicating effectively as a leader.
  • Key intrinsic values over extrinsic values of what makes people happy.
  • Ways to create autonomy in a business.
  • Asking your people what they expect from you.
  • Utilizing the concept of reciprocity.
  • Newly anointed leaders fighting imposter syndrome.
  • The importance of gravitas.
  • Uncovering the customers’ emotions to get their story.
  • The single most important factor in connecting with others.


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“You can easily help them simply because you're eager.” — Chris Morsley

“It's around gravitas and storytelling.” — Chris Morsley

“The other thing you got to remember as a leader is that it's very difficult to get the truth from people.” — Chris Morsley

“You want to uncover the most persuasive of all emotions, which is fear.” — Chris Morsley

“Ultimately, what you want is for them to feel a sense of resolving the resolve.” — Chris Morsley



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