QFF Specializing in being logical rather than being emotional. Now aiding small-medium business owners with her time-tested Systematic Attitude Development-Technique™, helping them raise the bar to be better at speaking to the public. (Gail Kasper)

podcast qff Jan 13, 2023

For this week’s QFF episode, Rob interviews Gail Kasper, a speaker, TV host, and author. She’s based in Los Angeles, California. She has an organization called Gail Kasper Television, a communication-to-training organization. She uses her amalgamation of experiences to assist her listeners in achieving executive-level sales and communication.

All of us fear something, fear of success, fear of rejection, fear of abandonment, etc. Specializing in being logical rather than emotional; Gail Kasper helps small-medium business owners with her creation which she calls, the Systematic Attitude Development Technique; a technique that trains business owners to not be overwhelmed by emotional response, and to act logically rather than emotionally.

For small-medium business owners that are coming to work on Monday morning, Gail implied to ask their employees, “Why are they here?” Gail asks her employees that because she values the belief in the product that her employees have a passion for, will take the company a long way. Because you can’t be standing by yourself, you need an army.

This Cast Covers:

  • Gail Kasper, is a speaker, TV host, and author.
  • The motivation element.
  • Not letting fear consume the better of you.
  • Making sure everything is going according to plan.
  • Being logical instead of being emotional.
  • Systemic attitude development techniques.
  • Focusing on one thing at a time.
  • Capitalizing on opportunities based on logic rather than emotions.
  • The value of having a consultant and a coach.
  • Assembling a team that will support your business.


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“If we stop ourselves before even getting started, then we've just failed.” — Gail Kasper.

“Many times in life, it's right when we're on the verge of success that we decide that we're going to quit.” — Gail Kasper.

“The leaders got to be like, just like a coach on a team.” — Gail Kasper.

“A belief in the product that you have a passion for that is going to take any company over the top.” — Gail Kasper.

“You can't be standing in it by yourself. You need that army with you that can support your efforts.” — Gail Kasper.



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