Started as a freelance web developer, to founding Trustshoring, a company that finds you the right person for the job. Growing 50-60% every year, earning 6 million USD a year. Helped over 300 startups and businesses. (Victor Purolnik)

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In this episode, Troy interviews Victor Purlnik, who’s based in Berlin, Germany. Victor’s the founder of a company named Trustshoring. A company that helps companies without technical leadership launch and scale their business with remote developers from Eastern Europe. Helping over 300 startups and businesses.

Realized his passion isn’t in programming but in referring people to people and teams that they can work with despite being a freelance web developer at the ripe old age of 14, he started Trustshoring, bootstrapped, and self-funded, in 2016, at the age of 23. Now growing 50-60% year over year on average, earning half a million US dollars per month or 6 million a year. 

In the field of remote work, trust is an important factor to create a healthy culture inside his business. For example, not using any monitoring tools that record screens. Victor said, “I think people appreciate it if you put your trust in them … because when people feel unsafe, they can’t perform.”

This Cast Covers:

  • Victor starting out as a freelance web designer.
  • When and why he started his company, Trustshoring.
  • Outsourcing for talent capable of taking on the job.
  • How Victor funded Trustshoring.
  • Fast decision-making.
  • Providing clarity to your people, helping them make better decisions on their own.
  • Positive effect of putting trust in your people.
  • Learning through different business coaches.
  • Keeping it together, is the hardest thing in growing a small business.
  • Building an audience for your business.


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“When you run your own company, you obviously see who's a great fit for you.” — Victor Purolnik.

“For me, that sort of success is when I can, … when I don't have to ask permission when I can sustain myself.” — Victor Purolnik.

“Fast decision-making, having to make decisions on the spot about what to do and not regretting them later.” — Victor Purolnik.

“Trust … people appreciate it if you put your trust in them.” — Victor Purolnik.

“When people feel unsafe, they can't perform.” — Victor Purolnik.



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