With over 5 years of digital marketing experience, now creating nimble brand identities to provide the best technology solutions to clients. Hit 7-figure business & experienced 35% annual growth for 6 years with over 20 FTEs. (David Feldman)

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In this episode, I interview David Feldman the Founder, and CEO of 3 Owl based in Atlanta, United States. David has set up his own business to provide in-house services to help clients benefit as far as hands-off.

With over 5 years of experience in building websites, designing logos, and copywriting, David has decided to leave his former jobs to create his technology-first-creative agency in order to scale and open windows for improvements. 3 Owl was established in 2012 and has been running for over 10 years. Hit 7-figure business and experienced 35% compounded annual growth for 6 years with over 20 FTEs.

David has said that growing a small business requires developing your own systems and consistency in order to become efficient. So he says, “I think everyone is different but I think just developing good habits is so easy to just get to go off the rails and not be efficient.”

This Cast Covers:

  • Running the intersection of design strategy and technology.
  • Expert at building systems in business.
  • Doing everything from designing the visual identity of a brand while in-house.
  • Learning the benefits of doing business in-house.
  • Connecting design and technology and measuring results.
  • Made a seven-figure profit in 2019 and is currently growing at a 50% annual rate.
  • Wrote a book during the pandemic called Small By Design.
  • Relating the benefits of hiring experienced employees in your business.
  • Helping entrepreneurs to dream, come up with ideas, and get them executed
  • Sharing his small but gold achievements including the story of his people.


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“Success means being able to do things that make you happy in a balanced way.” —David Feldman

“If you can’t find replicable systems, you’re not going to grow.” —David Feldman

“When you’re small, you have to get the work done.”  —David Feldman

“Building boundary between your job and personal life improves your efficiency.”  —David Feldman

“Be real like be as transparent as you can be with your company.”  —David Feldman



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