Struggle to find like-minded business people to talk to?

About growth problems you experience?

  • Finding A-players

  • Defining then executing a clear strategy

  • Managing the team effectively

  • Delegating like a ninja

  • Crafting a great culture for your business

Then become part of our vibrant community of small business owners in various stages of their growth journey, from many different industries around-the-world.

These business owners are NOT start-ups, solopreneurs, micro-businesses (less than five team members) or unicorns (businesses that have grown to phenomenal success and valuations).

They have been in the same trenches you are in, some more than once, and have the scars and experience to get to the top of whatever growth hill you are currently trying to climb.

There will be a Community Member or Growth Leader who has lived the experience you are trying to wade through.

They provide direction, resources and confidence on which path to take.

The businesses in our Community are just like yours - 5 to 30 team members, stuck on how to grow to the next level.

Join our Community and get:

  • Access to the active Community in our online platform - ask your growth questions here, and one of our team members or other Community members will provide their experience, insight and advice
  • Weekly Member Newsletter - which includes:
    • Short review of a book-of-the-month
    • Spotlight on a Community Member success
    • Highlights of discussions in the Community online platform
    • New tools and tips we’ve discovered to support your business’ growth
  • Monthly Mastermind Webinar - on a growth topic with an expert (eg. recruitment, strategy)
  • Monthly Group Coaching Webinar - we ask the Community for areas or questions they need help with, and answer these in this group coaching session
  • Access to Member-only Tools - more checklists and templates, list of resources for each corner of the business, like operations, sales, marketing (as we don’t go into these areas in the courses)

 All webinars are recorded so you can re-watch or view any you couldn't attend. 

Pay by the Month

Cancel Anytime

No Contract

Tell us you’re out, and we’ll refund your Community Membership for that month. If you paid annually, we’ll hand you back the cash for the remaining months too.

If you’re not happy with the value you receive each month, we’re not happy.

We care about you and your business receiving quality content and community interactions, which help your business grow with less stress.

OK, here’s what the investment each month is…

$97 AUD per month

Ready to get value from all that content and interactions with our deeply experienced team and fellow business owners in the community?