Here is an outline of each course and the key learnings you will walk away with. The courses talk about changing your mindset and building better habits, and gives you the tools you need to carry out the change in the business and team that is needed for growth.

Business Growth Framework

This course is for the business leader, the owner. This nine-month course covers the three pillars to growth:

  • leadership (culture; communication: organisational chart, job descriptions, weekly leadership email, one-on-one’s, effective meetings – great chair, agendas, quarterly anonymous team survey, Board packs)
  • priorities (strategy, sales & marketing plan)
  • data (financial model, KPIs)

You will learn:

  • to clarify your vision or ‘why’
  • that the right people are your most important asset
  • most companies neglect their investment in excellent recruitment
  • humble leadership is the most effective – check your ego at the door
  • communication is key in any relationship.

Kick-arse Manager

This course provides tools and tips on how to become a better manager. Over the six months you and each of your managers will:

  • come to understand the most important asset in a growing small business is having the right people
  • learn that the most important thing a manager does is recruitment
  • discover that 70% of people quit because their manager is incompetent, an arsehole or both
  • realise that the cost of a mis-hire is up to 10 times that role’s annual salary
  • learn that managing by fear does not work, and that feedback is not a dirty word
  • begin to behave like a Kick-Arse Manager.

Effective Team Member

This course is for everyone in the business – the leader, managers and individual contributors. It takes around two months to build a new habit. This course will help you to implement new productivity habits and tools you need to be more effective and less stressed. In this three-month course every team member will:

  • learn the ‘secret to guaranteed success’
  • master the habit of getting into ‘Deep Work’
  • be shown that multitasking does work (except in this one particular way …)
  • discover how to work to your best energy
  • understand the power of focus and simplicity
  • be less stressed about your work, and love it more.

Each of the three roles – leader, manager and every team member – has ownership of the four layers in the growth pyramid:

The Business Growth Framework course starts on the first business day of each quarter. Some growth actions in the daily emails the small business owner receives are tied to certain times.

For example, sending the quarterly anonymous team survey to garner honest feedback on how you, the management team and business is going and especially what needs to change.

The courses are launching in late 2022.

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