Regular Business Owner Meet-ups


This is how each meet-up runs:

  • 5.00pm Grab a beer, find someone to chat small business growth with
  • 5.30pm Speaker discusses a growth topic and a pain-point / growth barrier
  • 5.50pm Q&A on the growth topic and pain-point
  • 6.00pm Get another beer, talk some more, head off when you like
  • 7.30pm Most people leave

We ask you to also bring someone along you feel would benefit from the session, and / or could help others with their experience of growing a small business from 5 – 30 team members, to something bigger.

If you know someone with less than five team members, or thinking of starting out, bring them along too. These meet-ups are also a chance for people to find a mentor.

Like the very successful TED Talks, we’ll keep the one-person-talky-bit to 15 – 20 minutes. Someone will be asked to prepare a few words on a growth topic they have a passion for, and deep experience with – to help the audience.

They finish with one pain-point or growth barrier they are currently facing, so the group can put forward ideas and any help from their network or experience.

To get the calendar invite each month, leave your details (including your city) below and tick 'meet-ups'.

The calendar email will introduce the person speaking for 15 – 20 minutes, their topic and pain-point. The first email will also include a recurring calendar invite. We hold 11 a year, skip December due to Christmas.

Current cities the Grow A Small Business meet-ups are active in, are:

  • Hobart, Australia – averaging 30-40 attendees each month
  • Launceston, Australia – 30-40 attendees every two months

If your city is not there, leave your details and when we have enough interest we’ll find a nice craft brewery in your town and start these sessions.