Troy has over 20 years experience starting, managing and growing businesses with less than 50 people

Our Purpose

Our purpose, or ‘why’ we serve companies with a team of 5 to 30 people, is:

To help small businesses grow with less stress.

Our Mission

To share and create content and tools to assist growth. Our talents and experience complement a strong desire to support owners (the leader), managers and the wider team.

The Grow A Small Business content and community is led by Troy Trewin, who has over 20 years experience starting, managing and growing businesses with less than 50 people – small businesses.

Read Troy’s full business history on his LinkedIn profile.

Having started two technology businesses in 1999, Troy launched and acquired a few more businesses then in 2011 began managing for others.

He’s been mentoring and consulting since 2013 and has built up vast experience along the way.

Troy has:

  • had equity in 13 businesses – 10 in a day-to-day executive role, three as a non-executive
  • worked with 19 different business partners in Australia, UK and New Zealand – seven nationalities: Australian, English, Greek, Italian, Egyptian, New Zealand and American
  • managed four business he didn’t have equity in, including two award-winning Australian whisky distilleries, both now fully owned by an ASX-listed company
  • mentored or consulted to more than 10 companies in which he has not had any equity, nor managed day to day
  • seen total revenue exceeding $100m AUD, with more than half of that coming in the last five years.

All up, that is over 20 businesses in 20 years with which Troy has worked intimately. He knows their numbers, understands their growing pains and people issues and has helped with most financial aspects, as well as having coached on leadership and management.

As you can expect with that gaggle of businesses, there have been successes, failures, fast growth, slow growth, shutdowns, sales/exits, in-fighting between business partners, births, natural deaths, accidental deaths, suicides, marriages, divorces, angry Boards, shit managers, superb managers, terrible team members and hires, a bunch of ‘A Players’ piled on the bus, and overall a fuckload of fun and learning.

Troy says there is very little he would change from his business journey.