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As the leader of your business, you must be the change needed in the company, and the team.

That starts with people being more productive, more effective, not overwhelmed and less stressed.


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Is being liked as a manager a good thing?

Sep 22, 2022

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Your business can be anywhere in the world, in any industry.

Our teachings are not targeted at one type - rather, for those with 5 to 30 team members.

We focus on the pain most small businesses go through during growth.

From our collective 60+ years experience, we have identified where that pain comes from:

  • Having an unclear vision
  • A confusing or no strategy
  • The wrong people
  • A lack of performance measurements
  • The team unaligned with the strategy
  • Shit management
  • No or poor communication
  • Reliance on yourself
  • No systems and processes
  • Poor communication with little or no accountability across the team

A plan without actions is a DREAM.
Actions without a plan is a NIGHTMARE!

Save time, money and energy in growing your business by learning from the mistakes of other business owners, and the experience of our team.

Lived Experience

Our content and teachings come from decades of authentic, lived small business experience.

  • Owned 20+ Small Businesses
  • In three countries
  • With over 40 business partners
  • 60+ years combined experience as owners themselves
  • Advised a further 1,000 small businesses

Troy, Michael and Rob have owned more than 20 businesses, in three countries, grappled with 40+ business partners (working in the business with them, not passive shareholders) and have over 60 years combined experience as small business owners.

On top of that, we have advised or managed and grown more than 1,000 other small businesses we didn’t have equity in.

From all sizes, 15+different industries, various stages of growth and up to 30 team members.


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