The 'Business Transformation Program'

To help you, your business and team grow, the 'Transformation Program' has three valuable parts:

  1. The 'Business Growth Formula' online course

  2. The 'Kick-Ass Manager' online course

  3. An Accountability Group, with up to nine other business owners

'Business Growth Formula' Course

If you are the sole owner managing a business with 5 to 30 team members, this course is you.

The nine month course covers the three pillars to growth:

  • Leadership:
    • Culture
    • Communication
    • Organisational chart
    • Job descriptions
    • Weekly leadership email
    • One-on-one’s
    • Effective meetings, including a great chair
    • Agendas
    • Quarterly anonymous team survey
    • Board packs
  • Priorities:
    • Strategy
    • Sales and marketing plan
  • Data:
    • Financial model
    • KPIs

You will learn:

  • To clarify your vision or ‘why’
  • That the right people are your most important asset
  • Most companies neglect their investment in excellent recruitment
  • Humble leadership is the most effective – check your ego at the door
  • Communication is the key in any relationship

'Kick-Ass Manager' Course

Feeling lost in how to become a great manager?

Ever wonder how other small businesses ace finding, retaining and motivating the best people?

This course provides tools and tips on how to become a better manager, a kick-ass one.

Over the six months you and each of your managers (if you have them), will:

  • Come to understand the most important asset in a growing small business is having the right people learn that the most important thing a manager does is recruitment
  • Discover that 70% of people quit because their manager is incompetent, an asshole or both
  • Realise that the cost of a mis-hire is up to 10 times that role’s annual salary
  • Learn that managing by fear does not work, and that feedback is not a dirty word begin to behave like a Kick-Ass Manager

Accountability Group

In all our years of working with business owners, our own business partners, reporting into Boards, leading managers and team members we learnt the hard way that we ALL need accountability, to get the right shit done.

Each Accountability Group has ten business owners, from differing industries, and we supply the Group Chair.

The Group Chair is there to co-ordinate the group meetings, and check in on group members once a month - to see how they are progressing through the courses, and how their business is growing.

Included in each Accountability Group

  • Group Chair, to hold you to account (with course progress and any actions you tell the Group you'll knock over),  
  • Up to ten business owners, who are undertaking the courses at the same time
  • A monthly one hour Group Webinar where the Chair answers questions from the Group, and provides direction for solutions to problems in their businesses
  • A 20 minute one-on-one monthly Zoom with the Group Chair, the week before the Group Webinar
  • Unlimited Volleys (audio or video) to your Group Chair
  • Unlimited emails to your Group Chair

Join the 'Transformation Program' Waitlist

We have a waitlist, as Accountability Groups have up to 10 business owners and we're limited with Group Chairs.

On the first Monday of a quarter, a new Group begins the two courses. The Group Chair has a 20 minute Zoom call with each Group Member in that first week.

A business owner undertakes both courses at once.

The time you need to invest in the 'Transformation Program', includes:

  • Accountability Group, together for nine months
  • Accountability Group monthly webinar, held in the second week of the month
  • 'Business Growth Formula' course runs for nine months, requires around 30 minutes per weekday
  • 'Kick-Ass Manager' course goes for six months, requires around 30 minutes per weekday
All up, that is an investment of a little over five hours a week to improve yourself as a leader and manager, and boost your business performance.

Don't think you have five hours to invest?

We know that's bullshit.

We will show you how in these courses

We can guarantee you waste at least ONE hour per day being distracted, not productive and not focused.

Leave your details below and we'll be in touch with more information closer to when room opens up to join a Group, and undertake the two courses.

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