Grow A Small Business meet up in Hobart Australia

Do you enjoy talking growth hacks with other small business owners?

We love it. So we started hosting regular meet-ups.

This is how each meet-up runs:

  • 5.00pm Cheers & Chill: Grab a drink and introduce yourself. Start swapping stories and let the mingling begin.
  • 5.30pm Growth Presenter: Get ready to be inspired, and maybe even get a case of the "a-ha" goosebumps!
  • 5.50pm You Ask, They Answer: It's Q&A time! Fire away with your burning questions. It's like a brainstorm session, with a side of instant knowledge gratification.
  • 6.00pm Sip & Chat Some More: Grab another drink (because hydration is important), find your crew, and dive back into trading growth hacks.
  • 7.30pm Until Next Time: It's that point in the evening when some folks start their exit strategy – high-fives, hugs, and a promise to meet again at the next meet up.

Whether you're looking to boost your sales, up your marketing game, tame the finance dragon, or just get inspired by some seriously cool people, our meet-ups are where it's at.

Each meet-ups averages 30 to 40 business owners. In December, our meet-up doesn’t have a speaker we just gather for small business talk over drinks.

We borrowed a leaf from the Ted Talks playbook and our speaker talks for about 15 to 20 minutes.

Our speakers are invited guests, who are a subject matter expert or small business owner. They talk on a growth topic they have a passion for, and deep experience in.

Current cities the Grow A Small Business meet-ups are active:

  • Hobart, Australia (monthly)
  • Launceston, Australia (every two months)

Pop your details in for an invite by email with information about the next speaker.

If your city is not there, please leave your details. When we have enough interest, we’ll find a nice craft brewery in your town and start these sessions.

PS. Do you still carry a business card? You never know when you'll meet your next collaboration partner, supporter, or future BFF. See you at the next meetup

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