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Features an inspirational small business growth story or interview with special guest.

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New resources availble. We write about people, strategy, marketing, systems, funding and strategy.

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"I am really grateful that I stumbled upon your weekly leadership email Troy. You have the ability to break down complex concepts into practical, easy-to-understand advice. I've already started implementing some of the ideas you've suggested, and I'm seeing positive changes in my leadership approach. Thank you for providing such valuable content that has genuinely helped me grow as a leader." - Andrew, 2024

"Hey Troy, bit of game-changer for me. The bite-sized tips have redefined the way I approach leadership. It's like having a mentor in my inbox! The info is so relevant and practical that I find myself looking forward to each new email now! Thank you for supporting people like me - I really appreciate it." - Wendy, 2023

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