Myrah B.

I was born in 1979 and am single.

I love volunteering work particularly sharing and teaching Bible truths and principles which is my priority in life.

I’m passionate about learning and doing some secular works related to technology to support my needs.

I was raised by my parents who are God-fearing and spiritual-minded, and it helps me and my siblings become better people.

My hobbies are playing musical instruments, gardening and doing handicrafts.

I’ve been working at Grow A Small Business since May 2022.

Preferred Work Hours:

  • Hours per week: 20
  • Monday to Friday

Location: Tandag City, Philippines


  • Virtual assistant
  • Transcription
  • Video editing
  • Data entry
  • Real estate / title work

Type of work:

  • Transcripting
  • Proofreading

Experience with technology:

  • CapCut
  • Google Earth Pro

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