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My professional career began as an engineer working in the field of environmental management.

I primarily worked in large organisations where I quickly came to appreciate how hard it was to get things done - particularly through other people.

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The desire to get better at learning how to get things done led me to study Change Management, and then an MBA.

Over this period, my interest in all things management led my career to bend towards business project management (large scale I.T. projects and integration of M&A deals).

Then into General Management of independent business units.

I learnt a lot about understanding financial levers, managing people, managing change and dealing face-to-face with demanding customers.

There were continually high performance expectations and being in a large organisation, there were always organisational barriers to making the changes that

I felt needed to be made. I also missed having substantial ’skin-in-the-game’, and wanted to work for myself.

So, I made a significant career change and partnered with a firm specialising in small business consulting.

I loved it.

The ability to make immediate changes, the feeling that everyone involved had skin-in-the-game, and the brilliant and fun ideas from the entrepreneurs that I worked with.

I’ve found a small business comes with a different set of challenges, compared to a large one.

Cash flow is a challenge, there is less accountability to do what you said you would and sometimes a lack of discipline to execute the plan.

Sometimes the thinking would be sloppy without a skilled team to help you structure your ideas and the need to prove your logic.

Overall, I found a lack of general management skills held back small business owners from achieving their ambitious visions.

Along the way, I’ve been involved in purchasing three businesses, two with partners and one on my own, as well as starting up three businesses with partners.

I’m currently a part owner in three businesses.

I look forward to working with you to help you build your management skills and bring your business vision to life.

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Rob helped us initially work through the growing pains inherent in a rapidly growing business. He spent time understanding the workings of our business and has been able to provide clear and helpful commercial and management advice on a range of issues. Our business and management team are now in a much stronger position to achieve our longer term goals.

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