Quit hairdressing in 1993 aged 21 to pursue her passion, now has 9 FTE and 100 contractors providing mobile massage and beauty services in 800 4 & 5 star hotels around Australia. From $20k in year 1 to now $2m (Kym Power)

In this episode, I interview Kym Power, the Founder of Rejuvenators Health Massage, Australia’s largest professional mobile massage company. Kym passionately believes in holistic wellness, self-care, and taking personal responsibility for one’s health and life success. In 1993, aged 21, she quit hairdressing for the love of providing massages. Now 27 years later, her mobile massage business is in all states and territories except Tasmania. They provide massage and beauty services in rooms mainly in 800 4 or 5 star hotels such as the Stamford, Pullman, Novotel, Mecure, Meriton, Rydges, Adina, Mantra, Pan Pacific and Park Royal Hotels to name just a few. They also help celebrities on tour such as Lady Gaga, Richard Branson, Matthew McConaughey, and Russell Brand.

Kym started the business as the one full-time employee earning $20,000 in the first year, which was more than she was earning as a hairdresser. She now has nine full-time employees at her head office with around 100 independent contractors providing their services. Their pre-covid annual sales was around $2 Million. Kym recommends putting in good systems, procedures and training because that allows her to take three months a year off and travel overseas.

Her only external business funding was a $5,000 car loan when she was starting out, and from there she funded the business purely from profits. She really struggled to find work-life balance earlier on but now feels she has it at the right place. She felt she had succeeded when she found things doing better and she was actually helping people. To her, the hardest about growing a small business is self-sabotage. She says that the one thing she would tell herself on day one of starting her business is, “It’s harder than what I think, but it’s worth it” Stay tuned and be inspired.

This Cast Covers:

  • Running a mobile massage company that operates all across Australia.
  • Starting from very humble beginnings 27 years ago to build a successful business.
  • From being clueless on pricing when she started out to growing the annual revenues up to $1 Million.
  • Building a strong team of 80 to 100 independent contractors and up to 8 contract employees.
  • Getting success from refining things all the time and finding ways to do them better and smarter while consistently helping more people.
  • Being able to step away from the business and having it run well by itself.
  • Marketing the business by forming strong and lasting business partnerships.
  • Self-funding the business from the get-go and how that has worked out for her.
  • How being creative and big-picture minded affected her ability to work on the numbers/financials.
  • Having to fire sale her house to save the business from failure.
  • Challenging herself and her beliefs so she could change her business mindset.
  • The satisfaction of experiencing the positive impact that her business makes in people’s lives.
  • Going from being a sole therapist to bringing on other therapists to join her service delivery team.
  • The importance of small business owners focusing on their overall health and wellness.
  • The mistake she used to make by hiring people she liked and how she dealt with it.
  • Successful Hiring 101: Hiring people who are really good in doing what you’re hiring them for.
  • Constantly changing things up in their culture to meet the demands and needs of employees.
  • How she succeeded in finding work-life balance despite the challenges she was facing initially.
  • Investing in tons of professional development and how it has impacted her life over the years.
  • Self Sabotage: The one way that small business owners hinder themselves from growing their businesses.
  • Using NLP techniques to clear her mindset of negativity and improve her productivity.
  • The power of automation and outsourcing in growing a small business.

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“If you hate the financials, don’t ignore them and think it will be okay, because it won’t” – Kym Power

“You are not your business” – Kym Power

“Hire above yourself” – Kym Power

“When I’m lost and I don’t know what the hell I’m doing, Google is my best friend” – Kym Power

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