An Award-winning Entrepreneur and Founder of Urban List, effectively connecting 3 million people with thoughtfully curated content while growing 50% in revenue with 42 FTEs. (Susannah George)

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In this episode, Troy asked Susannah George, Founder of Urban List based in Brisbane, Australia, the final five questions:

1. Susannah acknowledges that the hardest part of growing a small business lies in "getting the right people in the right seats." She emphasizes the need to recognize that the right team members today might not align with the business's future goals.

2. Susannah draws inspiration from "Traction," authored by Gino Wickman. She highlights Wickman's concept of GWC—Get it, Want it, Capability to do it—as a valuable framework for ensuring the right people are in the right roles.

3. While Susannah doesn't stick to specific tools religiously, she actively seeks out podcasts and online content that resonate with her current experiences and learning objectives, enabling continuous growth.

4. According to Susannah, the essential tools for small business growth include coaching and self-awareness. These elements facilitate strategic decision-making and personal development.

5. Finally, Susannah's advice to her past self upon embarking on her entrepreneurial journey 11 years ago is to "trust yourself, live bravely, and fall in love with possibility." This empowering mindset has played a pivotal role in her success.

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“Success is being able to be truly present with and connected with the children and also running hard at work and achieving all that is to be achieved there.” — Susannah George.

“Really know your customer, and really know what problem you're solving for them.” — Susannah George.

“Step up and be the leader that they need you to be.” — Susannah George.

“Getting the right people in the right seats, and acknowledging that the right people today may not be the right people for where you're going.” — Susannah George.

“Trust yourself. Live bravely and fall in love with possibility.” — Susannah George.


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