From Cleaning Business to Entrepreneurial Triumph: Founder of DCA Virtual reveals Two-Decade Saga of Growth, Pitfalls, and Creating a Sustainable Culture – Unveiling the Blueprint for Small Business Success. (Denise Cagan)

In this Episode Troy Trewin explores two decades of entrepreneurial insights with Denise Cagan, founder of DCA Virtual and a cleaning business. From initial missteps to sustainable growth, Denise shares wisdom on self-care, culture, and effective sales. Dive into hiring challenges, personal impact, and mentorship lessons on this journey of small business growth.

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Troy asks our special guest about their journey's start and defining success, their industry reconsideration, and the most challenging phase in business growth. He inquires about their love for small business growth, key habits for owners, and insights on team building, wins, mistakes, and advice.

And a snapshot of the final five Grow A Small Business Questions:

1. Denise, a seasoned entrepreneur, shares that the hardest thing in growing a small business is sales, it can be a challenge. She shares her journey from denying her role as a salesperson to mastering sales conversations. Discover how she navigated client relationships, set boundaries, and ensured the right fit.

2. Denise shares that her favorite business book is "Emeth Emails" as a game-changer early in her career. This timeless gem provided insights crucial for her growth journey.

3. Denise shares that podcasts and online tools for professional development are running her podcast, "Nurture Small Business," Denise also tunes into others like Rachel Cook's. She emphasizes the value of continuous learning for entrepreneurs.

4. Denise's top recommendation for growing a small business is adopting a project management system like Asana. Learn how it keeps sanity intact, streamlining tasks and team collaboration.

5. One advice she would give to her younger self on starting out her business is to have a mentor, but be flexible in choosing one. Mentorship, coupled with adaptability, can fast-track success.

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Quotable quotes from our special Grow A Small Business podcast guest:

Build a business that runs without you, with standard operating procedures as its backbone - Denise Cagan

Balance is achieved through systems, calendar blocking, and setting clear boundaries in business and life - Denise Cagan

Flexible mentorship is key — have a mentor, but be open to outgrowing and evolving beyond your initial guidance - Denise Cagan


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