From Side Hustle to Six-Figure Success: Founder of The First Pick VA Group, Shares Growth Insights with 6 Employees. Helping small business owners to find the right match without the hassle of recruitment. (Camryn Pickworth)

Troy Trewin sits down with Camryn Pickworth, the founder of The First Pick VA Group, based in Oregon, USA. Discusses her journey from starting her virtual assistant agency as a side hustle to its growth into a successful business. Camryn explains that her agency connects business owners, particularly small businesses and entrepreneurs, with high-quality virtual assistants, helping clients find the right match without the hassle of recruitment. They specialize in providing a boutique experience and emphasize value and efficiency.

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Troy asks our special guest how they started, when was the moment they felt they had succeeded, would they go into this industry again, and he asks our special guest to share the most stressful point in their small business growth journey, where they have had to work the hardest for the most value, what do they love the most about growing a small business, the number one habit a small business owner needs to develop and maintain, and how they added people to the team, sharing their wins, mistakes and advice and much, much more.

And a snapshot of the final five Grow A Small Business Questions:

1. The Hardest thing in Growing a Small Business is "Analysis paralysis is a killer. Don't be afraid to make quick decisions. Time is money. Also, transitioning from employee to owner is a challenge. Delegate and compromise; make your business work for you."

2. Camryn's Favorite Business Book is "The Confidence Code," perfect for combating impostor syndrome and boosting confidence, especially for young female entrepreneurs.

3. Camryn's favorite podcasts & Online Learning Tools are GASB podcast, "The Gold Digger" with Jenna Kutcher for work-life balance discussions, and "Entrepreneur on Fire" by John Lee Dumas.

4. Camryn highlights essential tools for Small Business Growth are task management tools like Asana,, ClickUp, or Trello. They're crucial, even for small businesses.

5. Finally if Camryn could go on day one of starting out, She would advise herself to "Just do it! Start today; every day you wait is a day further from your goals. Embrace failure as a stepping stone to success."

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Quotable quotes from our special Grow A Small Business podcast guest:

"Take action and make decisions with confidence to drive your small business forward."- Camryn Pickworth

"Invest in your professional development through books, podcasts, and online learning tools." - Camryn Pickworth

"Don't wait for the perfect moment to start your business. Just do it now and get one step closer to achieving your goals."- Camryn Pickworth


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