QFF: Embedding Diversity and Inclusion across Organisations: Insights from Founder and CEO of the Institute of non-violence, Hala Abdelnour, on cultivating an equitable and vibrant workplace. (Hala Abdelnour)

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Welcome to the "Grow a Small Business" podcast with your host, Michael Denehey. In this episode, Michael interviews Hala Abdelnour, the CEO and Founder of Institute of Non-Violence (IoNV), based in Sydney, Australia.

In this episode, Hala Abdelnour, the Founder and CEO of IoNV, discusses the importance of fostering diversity and inclusion across a business. She shares insights on promoting diversity and acknowledging business achievements, emphasizing the transformative impact of creating a flexible and inclusive workplace culture.

Key Takeaways for Small Business Owners:

Background in Psychology and Social Work: Hala's expertise in psychology and social work guide her commitment to diversity and inclusion. Business owners can benefit from understanding the psychological benefits of inclusivity and belonging in the workplace.

Learn from Personal Experiences: Hala's experiences of being undervalued and facing challenges as a young woman in the public and not-for-profit sector emphasize the importance of recognizing and addressing similar issues in your own business. Maximize your employees’ potential by creating a sense of being valued and respected.

Prioritize Inclusive Leadership: Lead by example and ensure that you and your leadership team are committed to diversity, equity and inclusion. Create a culture where everyone feels valued and heard, regardless of their gender, race and other lived experiences.

Comprehensive Training Approach: The Institute of non-violence offers equity and inclusion training for small to medium-sized businesses. Small business owners can learn to adopt a similar long-term approach to creating safe and harmonious workplaces. IoNV can support your people leaders to hold space for challenging conversations around workplace experiences.

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Create a Flexible Work Environment: Consider providing a flexible work environment, especially for small business employees. Hala's remote-based business allows employees to manage their tasks and work from their own locations, fostering a healthy work-life balance.

One action small business owners can take:

One action small business owners can take is look at the shortlist you've made for promotions or bonuses and challenge your decisions. Examine why you believe a certain person can't excel, and consider different perspectives. Diversify the way you make these decisions to create a more inclusive and diverse workplace culture.

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Quotable quotes from our special Grow A Small Business podcast guest:

Diversity is a powerful catalyst for innovation and growth in any business. - Hala Abdelnour

Look beyond borders and backgrounds to find the best people for your business - Hala Abdelnour

Valuing people in your business is not just a moral obligation; it's a strategic advantage. - Hala Abdelnour


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