The best way to structure your information (folders and files) electronically.

A common thing I see as small businesses grow is the handling of their information is all over the place like a mad persons’ breakfast. Getting a good structure and policy in place early-on is another small thing that really helps your small business grow.

You need structure and a policy around how you store information, otherwise everyone does it their own way and it is slow and hard for your team to locate files. I recommend you follow the small business KRA (Key Reporting Areas) and their activities. After that, people can make up logically folders to group similar documents.

And, I suggest you use this structure for filing your emails under your email inbox.

For example, if you wanted to file your company logo files I would recommend they go in a folder under this structure:

  • 40 Marketing
  • Branding
  • Logos

When looking for a file, think which KRA and activity am I working in at the moment?

Company logos are part of branding, and a marketing activity. Yes, there will be confusing things which could go in two places, but this structure will cover 90% of the situations and you get further gains of using a functional structure with a KRA and activity approach.

For production, that can be a little tricky. I do recommend you create a folder for each distinct Production area. If for example your business provides Consulting and Project Management, use 51 Consulting and 52 Production as KRAs.

Use the numbering systems of the KRA and activity number so the folders are ordered in a more logical order. After that second tier of folders you can create any others that make sense, numbering not really needed from that level on.

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